What is Magic?

What is magic? Is it something a performer does in a show? Is it something mysterious, that you need secret knowledge to do? Maybe. I’d like to tell you what I think magic is. Webster defines magic as—

1) Mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and appear again, performed as entertainment.

2) Something that has a delightfully unusual quality.

3)A quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, especially in a way that gives delight.

4)When something good happens with no explanation of how or why.

These definitions are all well and good, but if I were to pick one of these, I would pick the third. Especially if you’re thinking of magic from a child’s point of view.

Children have a natural affinity and acceptance of magic. They believe the entire world is magical, and it is, if you’ll just follow my thinking as I explain.

When a baby opens its eyes and looks at its mother and smiles—that’s magic.

When you walk into a coffee shop and see another patron and instantly feel like you know this person, even though you’ve never met—that’s magic.

When you take a very small seed, put it in the ground, water it, give it sun and it grows into a tomato or a pretty flower—that’s magic.

You see where I’m going with this.

This in my experience is how children see the world. So, I encourage you, next time you go out into your garden or the to the store or just look at your child or grandchild, try to see the world through a child’s eyes.

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